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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate: $150.00

$150 brings peace of mind, strength & suppleness to the body for 10 classes over a 12 week/3 month time period. Come to one class a week for ten weeks with two weeks off or come twice or more in one week and shape the schedule to the format that works best for you. There’s no better gift you can give than to ease someone’s stress. Let them explore at their convenience.

The T-Shirt that's begging to be read!

Read the directions closely and discover the tug of war between the left & right sides of the brain. Kids have an easier time than adults with this exercise but the chuckles & belly-laughs just don’t stop! Out of the hundreds of times I’ve had friends & strangers attempt to reach the bottom line without error only three have been successful – but everyone has fun! Available in both kid’s and adult’s sizes. Choose the one you want below.

Kid's T-Shirt
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