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As we continue to make headway in the battle against the Corona virus more and more activities are finding their way back to (a new) normal.  CDC Guidelines state that if you are amongst those who have been fully vaccinated, you can let go of masks and social distancing.  So I expect that since Tony and I are in that group, this Saturday will be the first Live Class I will teach "Full Frontal" in about a year.  We will continue to wear masks and social distance when anyone who is not in that group appears - or really when anyone wants those items to feel comfortable.  Live attendance has been small since re-opening was allowed with the majority of students opting for Zoom.  Zoom will forever be a part of my program as some students now attend from a distant location or want the option of doing the class in their own home.  If using Zoom I encourage you to come to this website and just click on the class you want to join as I will be reducing the amount of "reminder" emails to once a week.  Your wish is my command and you only have to ask if you prefer these emails no longer come your way.  I am immensely grateful to all of you who have kept Smiling Spirit Yoga alive with your continued support through Zoom yet I hope that many of you in the local area who can return to the Studio, will do just that.  I miss the energy of a live class and I hope you do too.  If you have any questions about anything at all please don't hesitate to contact me via phone/text/email and I will provide any information you would like.  Let's move forward into 2021 with our eyes on the prize of regular social interaction and make Smiling Spirit Yoga part of that prize.  Thank you so much!

                                                                                                       Jim Percival - owner